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Look of the day! Vintage and all stars..

How fluffy and white!!!

Dear Fashion Bloggers..
I just saw this cute Choupette Lagerfeld's movie at Karl Lagerfeld's facebook page.
She's white, fluffy and quite possible the best-dressed cat on the planet (:

What do you think of this new fashion icon?
And for the ones who want to know how a day looks like of Choupette.. Here's the diary !


One day baby we'll be old.. Baby we'll be old, think about the stories that we could have told 



Time for a big change! It's about time I get rid of my old "habits" . What we call habits these days? A long story! Anyway, red was what I wanted. A beautiful color and the meaning of Love. In this sentence, I LOVE ME !
Something new, something thats Me :o)


Shoes shoes ! Only yours !

Tired of your old (out-of-fashion)-shoes. Well Good news fashionista's !! Get a look and most of all BE CREATIVE, something I love to be and to do! Get your mind on a spin and think about your favorite color or which model was your favorite shoe once ? Go to a hobby shop and buy pencils, tape and paint!! Also you can glue spikes, hearts !! Just do what comes up in to your mind and start changing your closet. Make a whole new outfit/closet full of clothes or shoes, without spending a lot of money my dears!
And the greatest of all. Nobody can impersonate you, because you did it yourself. Not a pair you can find in the shop. No ! Only you are wearing it. So again.

Be creative, Be stylish, Be yourself!

I can't wait for the weekend to begin!

I had a wonderful weekend! Saturday I went out. It was so hot in Brussels, that clubbing wasn't in the program, so we only went for drinks. Outside with friends. Fun guarantied.I wore a vintage yellow transparent skirt, with a mint green top from H&M. My hair in 70's style.
The day after, we decided to go to a lake. Far far away from Brussels. Nearby the village Chimay, which is known for their beers! And those beers, called Chimay itself are very good and tasty! Hihi. The name of the lake is: Lac de l'eau d'heur.
We were there the whole day, from the morning till the night. We swimmed, ate barbeque and relaxed. Because we didn't slept at all the night before, and there we were. Enjoying the heat and the sun. It was amazing how in one time or in one day you can really say, "I love life" !! 


Scarf - skirt . Can you see the difference ?

Interesting ! 
Make a yourself a skirt in any color you want, which you can't find in the store with a scarf or a cloth.
Be creative and just do it yourself. 

I'll show you how. It's easy and simple. And for the fashionlovers, you know it to style with t-shirts, tops, shirts, stockings, boots and jewels! Nothing to wear, always a solution !!! (:

Now try it out yourself!


Surrealism in a photo booth

Hi !!!
Yesterday I went to an expo in Brussels near Botanique (is a big jardin in the middle of the center of Brussels where they do concerts, expo, or even to walk) called " Derrière le rideau. L'estétique. Photomaton".
This expo made me think of the movie " Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain ". It's a success in Europe and even worldwide! This french movie goes about a shy Paris girl that has found a photo-book in the subway, the book is from, a boy. And while she's looking in the book, she sees pictures from all different people, with each of them different emotions. She's searching the boy to give his book back. While in the meantime, she tries to live for other people to get a life more enjoyable and for herself...
If you didn't saw this movie, I really recommend to go and see it! You'll love it! 
So what I was trying to say why I started to talk about the movie is because some movie-scenes came up in my head while walking around the space! It had something special.

 "Behind the scene - the aesthetics of a photo booth".

When the first photo booth in 1928 were installed in Paris, the surrealists were intensive and compulsive to use it. In several minutes and cheap, the unit offered them an experience that was similar to automatic writing, but in the field of portraiture. Since then, generations of artists became fascinated by the principle of the photo booth.



Hi ! It's been a long time I wrote something. I thought about how to update my blog-style. I wrote about fashion, places in Brussels, food, music and beauty tips. But there was missing something. Could  it be more interesting when I write something about daily life, a kind of diary? Good question. I've been seeing that a lot of people get a peek at my blog, since I have it. I'm kinda proud of it. Never thought it would reach that far, but to be honest, I want more :)
So like I said. I'm changing it. Curious? Just read and see !

An another reason I've been away too long. I was figuring out what I wanted. Not always that easy.
Went to a festival where I felt my wings! Rock Werchter 2012.
Rock Werchter is an international Festival. This year I saw, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beirut, Dj Fresh, Nnenka, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Jack White, Florence & the Machine, the XX, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, The Editors, Elbow, Mac Miller, Netsky, Katy, Daisy & Lewis, The Kooks, and so !! I know, a lot, 4 DAYS non-stop! Just AMAZING!! And that once a year? This was my third time and still loving, enjoying it!
I had an amazing time. Free. Music. Laughter. Fun. Friends. Who doesn't feels "Great" when the whole combination of happiness hangs together! Short: I lived.

And than, another part started. Work. Life. Holiday. Life goes on.


Latest scoop OR Breaking News !?

Dear Bloggers from Belgium and over the world!!!
The latest scoop or can I say breaking news :: H&M burned down last night in the famous Rue de Neuve in Brussels.
What is left of it we don't know yet. They say there's only material damage. In total 3 stores are ruined; H&M, Hema and Forever 21.
Who did it? Why? How? We don't know yet. The news says they are going to figure it out. Is it a fashion drama ? Anyway the fire you could see all over Brussels. It's crazy. I hope they find where the fire came from. The tree stores are closed.

But there's maybe good news for the Fashionista's: The creative ones already made something interesting of it, instead of grieving after the drama, they created a new t-shirt to get through the press. Do you like this new t-shirt "Burning Roof-top", made in Brussels H&M? It could be a new fashion item of the moment.