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Almost two years ago, I was in China for an internship. Created accessories, met interesting people, mostly Chinese ! Intelligent, an other way of living, happy with what they have and appreciating a lot with little things, comparing (as I may speak) with Western population.
Learned a lot, and grew up.
Only been in China for two months and it was, what I needed. Came back like a butterfly who left his cocoon. An open heart, and worries way behind. I got to know myself. New life, changes and love.
Studies in fashion design finished, taking the road which was distended to be, and glad I took it.
Living the live as an adult was difficult, but needed, I'm Happy !
Read on !!!


First day in China

Here I go... In China.

Sunday afternoon I left the lovely, charming Brussels for China where I'll be living for two months. Hangzhou, Yiwu. 
It wasn't that easy to say goodbye to my parents and friends. But I accepted with open arms my dream, my future, my passion, to work in the Fashion.
I'll be an intern as assistent Designer for Max Factor make-up and D-Dutch Fashion & accessoires.

The first moment when I realized that this isn't a dream no more, is when I arrived at the gate at the airport in Brussels, when I saw the plane and the Chinese people who were waiting too. 
The first stop was Beijing/Peking. A long flight of 9 hours. But it went good. I watch movies, had lunch 2 times, slept and red.


Get me some Inspiration!

As far as I know. Music works inspiring and as for me an old music listener, I share you one of my favorite Saturday-noon music.
Ready to get back to work with my clothes design. And for you.
Enjoy the music from BOB DYLAN (vinyl 1:30 min). Have a nice Day!



This year, since September my life has changed. It's something totally different as I'm used to. I'm realizing my dream as a designer; "Be like Cinderella: start each day with a dose of dreaming. And someday your dream will come true." That's the reason why I'm studying fashion.
For this schoolyear I need to design a collection based on a historical period, I've chosen for the French Revolution, better said "Le Directoire, 1790-1799".
We need to design a historical costume what the people wore and a collection what people can wear nowadays based on the history, you can compare it with famous designers collections like Alexander McQueen, Dior, John Galliano, who has token inspiration and ideas based on a historical period.
It's really exciting for me to start this project but scary at the same time. It demands a lot of work and energy, but for me it feels like a hobby so I do like spending my free time on creating clothes (:
Before I can start my collection, it's easier to make a board/collage where you can focus on while designing. So I made my collage with everything that inspired me, colors, architecture, ...
My collection will be finished in Spring 2013.


Who are you?

Who are you? Or the better who am I?

Sometimes we are wondering about a person's particular attitude. Analyzing, thinking, and still having the question "Why?".
But I discovered a little bit, I philosophize a lot about people. I like to know them, and when I get to know them, I know how to handle.
What I found for you, just as a start if you like to analyze how a person is set. Not only for that but also a reason, to understand their reactions or why you can't stand each other.
Here is a interesting website about astrology, for the ones who are interested in or what the future may bring or describes you! As for me, I read almost daily my horoscope, just to know what the day would bring or why something happens or why do I feel like this "in the present".
The first time I get to know astrology I thought it was freaky how something can describe your personality or can predict how a day will look like. Everything that happened was correct and how it described me as person too. And from that moment, (not only for me) I believed in it. Today you can find it almost everywhere, in magazines, the newspapers, on twitter, the net, and so on and so on...

The first article I read was "How to seduce a scorpion woman", just for the reason that I was curious what they would tell how someone has to handle how to seduce me. Lol it's sounds a bit funny but that's how curious I am. What they were saying was correct about me. Scary!
But on this website isn't only written "how to seduce" also, how you are as person, your personal astrology.
So if you are as curious as I am, go ahead, visit the website and discover yourself or others!