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Latest scoop OR Breaking News !?

Dear Bloggers from Belgium and over the world!!!
The latest scoop or can I say breaking news :: H&M burned down last night in the famous Rue de Neuve in Brussels.
What is left of it we don't know yet. They say there's only material damage. In total 3 stores are ruined; H&M, Hema and Forever 21.
Who did it? Why? How? We don't know yet. The news says they are going to figure it out. Is it a fashion drama ? Anyway the fire you could see all over Brussels. It's crazy. I hope they find where the fire came from. The tree stores are closed.

But there's maybe good news for the Fashionista's: The creative ones already made something interesting of it, instead of grieving after the drama, they created a new t-shirt to get through the press. Do you like this new t-shirt "Burning Roof-top", made in Brussels H&M? It could be a new fashion item of the moment.

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