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Look of the day! Vintage and all stars..

The black skirt I am wearing I bought in Bershka. Limited edition! Glad I bought it .. Cause I had/have a lot of fun wearing it! The white shirt was a vintage-buy for 3 euro ($4). Vintage vintage.. You already know I love it! Well the brown belt I'm wearing is vintage too! Bought it for a penny (€3 - $4).

That same day I went shopping with my best friend and I bought some nice stuff!
The floral leggings I bought at Bershka! I love the colors and so many ideas to wear it very soon!! Shoes .. Hmm a girls best friend ? The black ballerinas with the deadhead on it attracted me so much that I couldn't leave them without buying! Is a must-have in the closet. It's also a fashion-item of the moment.
Snow White.. The first thing that comes up to your mind. Dwarfs? Witch? Prince? Or apple? In this case. Apple! With a lot of glisters and a golden chain. So cute and beautiful! GO AND GET IT. It's not that cheap (€ 45 -$ 57) but come on girls, don't leave it hanging there. You find it at Sasha!
Jewels. Well if you have bought almost an outfit, take some accessories with. The rings, mustache and sunglasses at Brandy.
Least but not last. A friendship Peace bracelet. 

Shopping can be exhausting. After a day running from one store to another, a stop for a drink does feels good. My friend and I drunk some Belgian beer, Hoegaarden. And with a lime in it, refresh it even more. 

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