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I can't wait for the weekend to begin!

I had a wonderful weekend! Saturday I went out. It was so hot in Brussels, that clubbing wasn't in the program, so we only went for drinks. Outside with friends. Fun guarantied.I wore a vintage yellow transparent skirt, with a mint green top from H&M. My hair in 70's style.
The day after, we decided to go to a lake. Far far away from Brussels. Nearby the village Chimay, which is known for their beers! And those beers, called Chimay itself are very good and tasty! Hihi. The name of the lake is: Lac de l'eau d'heur.
We were there the whole day, from the morning till the night. We swimmed, ate barbeque and relaxed. Because we didn't slept at all the night before, and there we were. Enjoying the heat and the sun. It was amazing how in one time or in one day you can really say, "I love life" !! 
While chilling and doing nothing, besides enjoying. Pictures were token! But not all are Word Wide Web view able. Lol! But the perspective was beautiful. It's a place to go back and to spend the day with friends. There are also some possibility to do watersports like Kayak and jet-ski. Too bad we don't own a boat ! You can sail. The lake is soooooo big that we drove 15 min with the car to get to the place where we can go and swim ! 

Which is known, that after a day partying and relaxing. Your body is tired as hell and don't want to do anything no more besides to take a good shower and go the bed. Recovering from the weekend because an another week begins. Time flies and sometimes you wish you could turn back time. Unfortunately it isn't possible and life goes on. But looking always forward to a next unexpected beautiful moment to happen. 

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