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I just wanted to post a song which I really like and once I hear it, can't get it out of my head. While listening the lyrics and thinking of things that happened I feel so much better and stronger, realizing that life is beautiful, always, no matter what. In poor and rich times, in good and bad memories. In the end you'll always have to fight with your inner self to succeed and to make your dreams come true. Then when time comes and after struggling .. You shake it out and begin a new chapter.

So here's to drinks in the dark at the end of my road.
And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope
It's a shot in the dark and right at my throat
Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me!


Someone had it before you

To start .. I think every one of us. Now in this decade Vintage is Back! loves it. We go back in time.
In the city of Brussels (1000) we can find the famous vintage market. Place du jeu-de-balle.
We all like clothes, accessory,  furniture's, just stuff to have like back then. I'll give you a little tour..
Every day of the week from 8 am till 1 pm there's a market. So if it's a nice weather you can move your ass over there to be the first one who's away with the most beautiful piece! I really like to go there, I can be myself, where I'm good at, to shop and to cut-prices .. Everything you can think of what is vintage you'll find it. In the side-streets (rue Blaes or rue Haute) you'll have the extra charming vintage shops ;) which is very nice to go at and to have that special smell. You just have fun that before noon past so fast by and my hands are always full where I a spend maximum € 30 ($ 37.50)

Can you already feel and think what I'm feeling and thinking now by seeing back these pictures. Yes yes. Butterflies ! You can dress yourself like a little mermaid or like Pocahontas! Who doesn't like it, to come out with the child in yourself. You are with your friends or even alone it can be pleased. Enjoying, laughing, walking, searching and yelling "LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND". To have a good time while your in Brussels. Go over there. After the market, there's always a place available where a fresh drink or a lunch can be fulfilling after keeping the eyes open from left to right and to run from here to there. It can be tiring after hours. But it's fun!