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Not a Girl. A Woman.

Paris! La ville d'amour.

"A girl from Paris isn't fashion, she is Fashion"

Once in time, 25 years ago I was born. 
If I look back how I lived my life, what I did, how I grew up, what I've learned and how I became a woman, I only can say "I live my life right to be where I am now".
To celebrate my 25 birthday I went to Paris for a weekend, where I had the time of my life with my beloved and precious friends.
We all know Paris is a city of photography, fashion and with his charm, of course a city of love. Not that I've a lover over there, it's just that I felt in love with Paris.


Strike a pose

Last weekend, was AMAZING! The first time ever, if I don't count my friends or playing clothing store when I was a little child "I was actually a real stylist" ^^