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Surrealism in a photo booth

Hi !!!
Yesterday I went to an expo in Brussels near Botanique (is a big jardin in the middle of the center of Brussels where they do concerts, expo, or even to walk) called " Derrière le rideau. L'estétique. Photomaton".
This expo made me think of the movie " Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain ". It's a success in Europe and even worldwide! This french movie goes about a shy Paris girl that has found a photo-book in the subway, the book is from, a boy. And while she's looking in the book, she sees pictures from all different people, with each of them different emotions. She's searching the boy to give his book back. While in the meantime, she tries to live for other people to get a life more enjoyable and for herself...
If you didn't saw this movie, I really recommend to go and see it! You'll love it! 
So what I was trying to say why I started to talk about the movie is because some movie-scenes came up in my head while walking around the space! It had something special.

 "Behind the scene - the aesthetics of a photo booth".

When the first photo booth in 1928 were installed in Paris, the surrealists were intensive and compulsive to use it. In several minutes and cheap, the unit offered them an experience that was similar to automatic writing, but in the field of portraiture. Since then, generations of artists became fascinated by the principle of the photo booth.
TIME Magazine 1962

By more than 600 works in various media of 60 international artists together, the exhibition shows the influence of the photo booth in the art world, the emergence of hitherto.
I liked this expo a lot. It was short, but touching, to see and feel the what the people are feeling, thinking and trying to express on a picture. 
Nowadays we are all using a photo-camera to have a snapshot of every moment in life, joy, happiness, sadness, fun, friends, ...... But still we are using a photo booth for our passport, identity, and much more ( : 
Artists like; Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Franco Vaccari, Lorna Simpson, Naomi Leibowitz, Tomoko Sawada, and much more were exhibited.
To finish I took a picture after the expo in the photo booth! 

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