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Day 2

So and again I did some vintage shopping ! ...
One heavy-full bag. I love it and enjoyed it. Found some very nice clothes .. 5 items for only 38 € ($ 40). The vest you can see in a earlier post (the large brown one). But here is a Look-Of-The-Day with a leather marine vintage hat I bought made in 1926. I wonder who wore it and for what it was used and which profession back then ! But I really like the style.

These are my buys. Good buys.. :)


I love the way you Create

I had a wonderful unforgettable day ! Discovered my new store .. DECORATION!!! Finally got some new stuff to create my clothes and decoration stuff for my lil studio!! Can't get enough .. I wanted to buy everything I saw!!! Colorful. Amazing. Creative. Fun. Stickers. Flowers. Tape. Paper. Wood. Bottoms.  etc etc..

I felt in heaven and now I can finally continue to do what I love doing!

Bottoms everywhere. Every color every shape! Which designer wouldn't go crazy by seeing this? 

My friend and I went Crazy. Feeling like little children in a toy store or in Paradise.. It was a great feeling to discover anything you like and especially when you let your inspiration flow by seeing all this beautiful creative stuff.

A new-vintage buy! Day 1

Ok ok I know.. Winter is done.. Springtime is on his way and I felt in love with this (only can find em once) vintage jacket!! Got my eye on it and bought it for 10 € ($ 13)!! Another reason why I love Brussels. You'll always find that little second hand stores Nobody knows about!!! 


A song. Which I love sooooo much and which says that you'll never know what would happen. Only live day by day and by the experiences you make in life.
My Grandmother always sang this when something was wrong or when we asked questions where no answer could be possible but only "Que Sera Sera".



Today I made something typical Belgian Grandmothers food: 'Choux de Bruxelles' and it was Delicious (tho I say it myself) .
Want to know a short cultural story of why it's called Brussels sprouts. 
"Forerunners to modern Brussels sprouts were likely cultivated in ancient Rome. Brussels sprouts as we know now were grown possibly as early as the 13th century in Belgium. The first written reference dates to 1587. During the 16th century, they starts to have a popularity by the neighbors."
That's also a reason why we call them: Grandmothers food.

Take here to recipe to try it for yourself:
- sprouts
- bacon
- butter
- pepper/salt/nutmeg

take a pot and boil water. Once the water is boiled you add the sprouts and boil them for 7-10 min. Once you can prick in at. It's done. Then you melt the butter in a pot. After the butter is melted add the bacon, it depends how many sprouts you have. But actually you make it by view. If the bacon is cooked add the sprouts and adjust  some salt, pepper and nutmeg. Stir it and it's done.
Delicious with meat and boiled potatoes


New car?

When I was little always said and wanted something :: D'être une princesse charmante

Why? In love with Paris, France. And in my past life "une Petite française"? No doubt but sssttttttt (:  it's a secret between the bloggers. Us!
But a vehicle that brings you to one place another and has "girly" colors or something that attracts me immediately:: Nope, no boys but

This one is something French!!!!!


I have an amazing great feeling!
And you know how 'butterflies' like it feels :)

Share your amazing feelings, leave a comment ... 

Rock n Roll

It all started when they were organizing an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G party The Bowler Sessions. Where the music is great! Actually A party where you can Be yourself without carrying what "others" will think :) The greatest there is! Volume II

Than there was the question: "What to wear?"
I kept it simple: a shirt with a jeans and 80's boots and hair together!


Decoration by inspiration!

I was so bored yesterday. I decided to do something with my work that I am "finishing" a long time now! But came up to other ideas as well. 
My wall was so "grey" that I made a wall-collage with souvenirs. Places I've been too. Child pictures. Museum tickets. Notes. Sketches. Hairpins. Money from other countries.
So from now on, everything that I've been done, comes on my wall! I don't need to re-paint it, or decorate with flowers etc etc .. But by my own stuff!

The same thing I did with a case. First you could see what was in the inside. For me it is all messy and I don't like to if visitors can see whats in it! ... But I solved it!
I took some carton that I've received as wrapping, took the size and cut it to frame the case.