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This year, since September my life has changed. It's something totally different as I'm used to. I'm realizing my dream as a designer; "Be like Cinderella: start each day with a dose of dreaming. And someday your dream will come true." That's the reason why I'm studying fashion.
For this schoolyear I need to design a collection based on a historical period, I've chosen for the French Revolution, better said "Le Directoire, 1790-1799".
We need to design a historical costume what the people wore and a collection what people can wear nowadays based on the history, you can compare it with famous designers collections like Alexander McQueen, Dior, John Galliano, who has token inspiration and ideas based on a historical period.
It's really exciting for me to start this project but scary at the same time. It demands a lot of work and energy, but for me it feels like a hobby so I do like spending my free time on creating clothes (:
Before I can start my collection, it's easier to make a board/collage where you can focus on while designing. So I made my collage with everything that inspired me, colors, architecture, ...
My collection will be finished in Spring 2013.


Who are you?

Who are you? Or the better who am I?

Sometimes we are wondering about a person's particular attitude. Analyzing, thinking, and still having the question "Why?".
But I discovered a little bit, I philosophize a lot about people. I like to know them, and when I get to know them, I know how to handle.
What I found for you, just as a start if you like to analyze how a person is set. Not only for that but also a reason, to understand their reactions or why you can't stand each other.
Here is a interesting website about astrology, for the ones who are interested in or what the future may bring or describes you! As for me, I read almost daily my horoscope, just to know what the day would bring or why something happens or why do I feel like this "in the present".
The first time I get to know astrology I thought it was freaky how something can describe your personality or can predict how a day will look like. Everything that happened was correct and how it described me as person too. And from that moment, (not only for me) I believed in it. Today you can find it almost everywhere, in magazines, the newspapers, on twitter, the net, and so on and so on...

The first article I read was "How to seduce a scorpion woman", just for the reason that I was curious what they would tell how someone has to handle how to seduce me. Lol it's sounds a bit funny but that's how curious I am. What they were saying was correct about me. Scary!
But on this website isn't only written "how to seduce" also, how you are as person, your personal astrology.
So if you are as curious as I am, go ahead, visit the website and discover yourself or others!


Not a Girl. A Woman.

Paris! La ville d'amour.

"A girl from Paris isn't fashion, she is Fashion"

Once in time, 25 years ago I was born. 
If I look back how I lived my life, what I did, how I grew up, what I've learned and how I became a woman, I only can say "I live my life right to be where I am now".
To celebrate my 25 birthday I went to Paris for a weekend, where I had the time of my life with my beloved and precious friends.
We all know Paris is a city of photography, fashion and with his charm, of course a city of love. Not that I've a lover over there, it's just that I felt in love with Paris.


Strike a pose

Last weekend, was AMAZING! The first time ever, if I don't count my friends or playing clothing store when I was a little child "I was actually a real stylist" ^^


In the rhythm of night.

Music ! I already can hear the birds sing when I think about music.

Music these days is an important part of our life circumstances. Now-a-days we can't live without music. Wouldn't life be bored without? And also what would life be without any rhythm or any sound of a guitar? People wouldn't have the possibility to relax or to dance. It would be very quite and every other word what comes up in your mind while thinking how it would be! 

Yesterday I saw a documentary of Blur on the Belgian TV, Canvas. The documentary, reunion of Blur - "No Distance Left To Run" was very interesting. 
For the ones who don't know who Blur is (I doubt it). But here you go. 

Blur is an English alternative Rock band. First started in London in 1988 as Seymour. The group consist of singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Conox, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree. They are a following stylistic change by English pop groups such as The Beatles and XTC. The band was similar or aided by a chart battle with the band Oasis in 1995. It was known as the "The Battle of Britpop". Blur is known for their singles as; Beetlebum, Country house, song 2, Coffee and TV, Tender and Boys & Girls. If you don't know the songs, LISTEN it!!!

"No Distance Left To Run" was a touching documentary. It is for me where I grew up with, like our parents grew up with The Rolling Stones - Queen - Jimi Hendrix, ..... It was for me to know where a band/group came from and how they survived the "being famous" part with each other. Following the band during their 2009 reunion and tour. The film also includes unseen archive footage and interviews. And some snap shots of their gigs in the London Hyde Park and Clastonbury Festival (which gave me the shivers). 
I advice to see the film! It's a absolutely a must if you are a music lover.

I really like Blur's music, that's why I wanted to share the latest album with you! While you are blogging, you can listen to Blur.


Boys and shopaholic fever?

Dear bloggers!!
I want to share something you can pass on to your lovers or friends! It's Brand new and actually it's some great news for the boys between us. I know most girls are bloggers. But look on the positive way, you can dress your boyfriend! Don't you want that all ? Lol (:

I went to visit a new store, situated in Brussels, Elsense/Ixelles. A nice one, very proper, easy to see and to find what you want to have and well organised. How to describe the clothing style? Vintage-oldschool-casual-newschool. I think (from a girls view) I love the clothes I saw and if I was a boy and shopaholic, I know where to go and shop! So don't hesitate and people all over the world, check out this new store:  


Vintage Whitney Houston makeup + vintage Madonna styling + Salt N Pepa dance moves 


Look of the day! Vintage and all stars..

How fluffy and white!!!

Dear Fashion Bloggers..
I just saw this cute Choupette Lagerfeld's movie at Karl Lagerfeld's facebook page.
She's white, fluffy and quite possible the best-dressed cat on the planet (:

What do you think of this new fashion icon?
And for the ones who want to know how a day looks like of Choupette.. Here's the diary !


One day baby we'll be old.. Baby we'll be old, think about the stories that we could have told 



Time for a big change! It's about time I get rid of my old "habits" . What we call habits these days? A long story! Anyway, red was what I wanted. A beautiful color and the meaning of Love. In this sentence, I LOVE ME !
Something new, something thats Me :o)


Shoes shoes ! Only yours !

Tired of your old (out-of-fashion)-shoes. Well Good news fashionista's !! Get a look and most of all BE CREATIVE, something I love to be and to do! Get your mind on a spin and think about your favorite color or which model was your favorite shoe once ? Go to a hobby shop and buy pencils, tape and paint!! Also you can glue spikes, hearts !! Just do what comes up in to your mind and start changing your closet. Make a whole new outfit/closet full of clothes or shoes, without spending a lot of money my dears!
And the greatest of all. Nobody can impersonate you, because you did it yourself. Not a pair you can find in the shop. No ! Only you are wearing it. So again.

Be creative, Be stylish, Be yourself!

I can't wait for the weekend to begin!

I had a wonderful weekend! Saturday I went out. It was so hot in Brussels, that clubbing wasn't in the program, so we only went for drinks. Outside with friends. Fun guarantied.I wore a vintage yellow transparent skirt, with a mint green top from H&M. My hair in 70's style.
The day after, we decided to go to a lake. Far far away from Brussels. Nearby the village Chimay, which is known for their beers! And those beers, called Chimay itself are very good and tasty! Hihi. The name of the lake is: Lac de l'eau d'heur.
We were there the whole day, from the morning till the night. We swimmed, ate barbeque and relaxed. Because we didn't slept at all the night before, and there we were. Enjoying the heat and the sun. It was amazing how in one time or in one day you can really say, "I love life" !! 


Scarf - skirt . Can you see the difference ?

Interesting ! 
Make a yourself a skirt in any color you want, which you can't find in the store with a scarf or a cloth.
Be creative and just do it yourself. 

I'll show you how. It's easy and simple. And for the fashionlovers, you know it to style with t-shirts, tops, shirts, stockings, boots and jewels! Nothing to wear, always a solution !!! (:

Now try it out yourself!


Surrealism in a photo booth

Hi !!!
Yesterday I went to an expo in Brussels near Botanique (is a big jardin in the middle of the center of Brussels where they do concerts, expo, or even to walk) called " Derrière le rideau. L'estétique. Photomaton".
This expo made me think of the movie " Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain ". It's a success in Europe and even worldwide! This french movie goes about a shy Paris girl that has found a photo-book in the subway, the book is from, a boy. And while she's looking in the book, she sees pictures from all different people, with each of them different emotions. She's searching the boy to give his book back. While in the meantime, she tries to live for other people to get a life more enjoyable and for herself...
If you didn't saw this movie, I really recommend to go and see it! You'll love it! 
So what I was trying to say why I started to talk about the movie is because some movie-scenes came up in my head while walking around the space! It had something special.

 "Behind the scene - the aesthetics of a photo booth".

When the first photo booth in 1928 were installed in Paris, the surrealists were intensive and compulsive to use it. In several minutes and cheap, the unit offered them an experience that was similar to automatic writing, but in the field of portraiture. Since then, generations of artists became fascinated by the principle of the photo booth.



Hi ! It's been a long time I wrote something. I thought about how to update my blog-style. I wrote about fashion, places in Brussels, food, music and beauty tips. But there was missing something. Could  it be more interesting when I write something about daily life, a kind of diary? Good question. I've been seeing that a lot of people get a peek at my blog, since I have it. I'm kinda proud of it. Never thought it would reach that far, but to be honest, I want more :)
So like I said. I'm changing it. Curious? Just read and see !

An another reason I've been away too long. I was figuring out what I wanted. Not always that easy.
Went to a festival where I felt my wings! Rock Werchter 2012.
Rock Werchter is an international Festival. This year I saw, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beirut, Dj Fresh, Nnenka, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Jack White, Florence & the Machine, the XX, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, The Editors, Elbow, Mac Miller, Netsky, Katy, Daisy & Lewis, The Kooks, and so !! I know, a lot, 4 DAYS non-stop! Just AMAZING!! And that once a year? This was my third time and still loving, enjoying it!
I had an amazing time. Free. Music. Laughter. Fun. Friends. Who doesn't feels "Great" when the whole combination of happiness hangs together! Short: I lived.

And than, another part started. Work. Life. Holiday. Life goes on.


Latest scoop OR Breaking News !?

Dear Bloggers from Belgium and over the world!!!
The latest scoop or can I say breaking news :: H&M burned down last night in the famous Rue de Neuve in Brussels.
What is left of it we don't know yet. They say there's only material damage. In total 3 stores are ruined; H&M, Hema and Forever 21.
Who did it? Why? How? We don't know yet. The news says they are going to figure it out. Is it a fashion drama ? Anyway the fire you could see all over Brussels. It's crazy. I hope they find where the fire came from. The tree stores are closed.

But there's maybe good news for the Fashionista's: The creative ones already made something interesting of it, instead of grieving after the drama, they created a new t-shirt to get through the press. Do you like this new t-shirt "Burning Roof-top", made in Brussels H&M? It could be a new fashion item of the moment.


I just wanted to post a song which I really like and once I hear it, can't get it out of my head. While listening the lyrics and thinking of things that happened I feel so much better and stronger, realizing that life is beautiful, always, no matter what. In poor and rich times, in good and bad memories. In the end you'll always have to fight with your inner self to succeed and to make your dreams come true. Then when time comes and after struggling .. You shake it out and begin a new chapter.

So here's to drinks in the dark at the end of my road.
And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope
It's a shot in the dark and right at my throat
Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me!


Someone had it before you

To start .. I think every one of us. Now in this decade Vintage is Back! loves it. We go back in time.
In the city of Brussels (1000) we can find the famous vintage market. Place du jeu-de-balle.
We all like clothes, accessory,  furniture's, just stuff to have like back then. I'll give you a little tour..
Every day of the week from 8 am till 1 pm there's a market. So if it's a nice weather you can move your ass over there to be the first one who's away with the most beautiful piece! I really like to go there, I can be myself, where I'm good at, to shop and to cut-prices .. Everything you can think of what is vintage you'll find it. In the side-streets (rue Blaes or rue Haute) you'll have the extra charming vintage shops ;) which is very nice to go at and to have that special smell. You just have fun that before noon past so fast by and my hands are always full where I a spend maximum € 30 ($ 37.50)

Can you already feel and think what I'm feeling and thinking now by seeing back these pictures. Yes yes. Butterflies ! You can dress yourself like a little mermaid or like Pocahontas! Who doesn't like it, to come out with the child in yourself. You are with your friends or even alone it can be pleased. Enjoying, laughing, walking, searching and yelling "LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND". To have a good time while your in Brussels. Go over there. After the market, there's always a place available where a fresh drink or a lunch can be fulfilling after keeping the eyes open from left to right and to run from here to there. It can be tiring after hours. But it's fun!


Sun and Relax

On a sunny day in Brussels I love to enjoy the calmness and the sound of nature. So I went to the parc next to my place. The smell of grass and ‘fish’ water while getting tanned, that’s always a pleasure.

 Just to relax and on the background Clodplay and The Temper Trap music. I get annoyed if I’m inside when it’s  a beautiful weather which we don’t get often in Belgium. It has just started and we are already the end of Mai. I hope this stays for a while. But the only thing is that if it’s sunny and warm, it’s a little bit airless because of all the buildings in the city and not a lot a wind. Luckly where I’m  sitting now, because of the lake, there’s wind and the temperature is just fine. It’s also funny when I’m staring around to see what’s going on, people are laying in the grass, some with a bikini, the other one is stuying for an exam or they are in a group having a picnic and smoking (may I say this word?) a joint. 

Than all that sudden I saw a turtle, which is rare to see in this lake, taking some breathe or sun. My opinion is that someone just dropped the turtle in it, but still! I was too late to take a picture of it. So I’m looking around to see if there’s a little change to see him again, although I think it’s too late now. Hope next time. And than I see 2 fish coming up, almost out of the water, fighting with each other. They were way too fast as well to record them fighting. Anyway, to get to the conclusion. I STILL LOVE BRUSSELS and all the things that are happening around me.


Old vs New Jeans

Do you have an old jeans and you think it's a little bit boring, because it's just too simple. Than there's a solution for it. Just tor it yourself without buying one and it's looks like new and cheap!

This is how you do it!



Friday night.. Didn't know what to do. Being bored and than you call that friend .. Your best Friend. "Let's go".
We decided to dress kinda the same, with lace-fabric.
Is it going to be 'Bohemian' 'Gypsy' 'Rock' 'Sweet' - Style. You can it already imagine : Hat - smokey eyes - Adorable cool. And you know if you're together with you Best Friend(s) it's just FUN! While doing the make-up, dance around music, being just A GIRL. But while all doing the clothes-makeup-shoes-hair and nails thing, you just realize how happy you are with the smiling! The Key moments in life of happiness! Sharing thoughts about everything from small too big subjects. Every single one of us needs it, times a time, to forget others things and do only what makes you happy.
After reached the finish . Hair-makeup-nails-clothes done.

Look of the day or should I say look of the night in Brussels !
My friend is wearing a nice lace dress with lovely boots.


Another day

Ouuuf!! Today was JOB interview day.. (nothing to do with my creations) But I'm patient to achieve My Dream. Who isn't?
Then I went a lil bit shopping to for myself. I did a quick stop at "Urban Outfitters". It was the first time I went into this shop in Brussels and I loved it directly !! Felled in love with all the clothes they have in there.. I tried a beautiful outfit but I didn't bought it.. If I'd buy everything I see, I'd be very poor by now ! And I think that's not what I want. Maybe I'll get it afterwords when I saved a little bit more.. In change of my vintage addict I can do it once or more!


Nails nails and color it !!

When I was shopping in the H&M I never thought that I would find the "Matte top nail polish" .. Since I've bought it I've been addicted to it. I put it on every nail polish color I have to have the finishing touch. I've seen many pictures of the black mat color.. So I tried it also.
You can find it in the H&M for a budget buy only for € 2.95. BUT !! Before you put the "Matte top coat" on you have to put first the nail polish you want and for the finishing touch the matte. After a several seconds you can see the different. Enjoy your Me-Time!!


While I'm trying to write this post .. In my head this song

Anyway what I want to post is a Beauty tip. Self made with kitchen ingredients: HONEY and COFFEE GRIT.
Looks strange but it helps amazing. A soft hydrated antitoxin skin.
To be honest I saw this ingredient on the Dr. Oz show and because it's budget friendly (less than € 1/$ 1) why not trying!? . 
How to make this Beauty-Mask? 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of coffee grit. Blend it together and when it's all smoothly put it on your face for 20 minutes (2x a week).
I tried it already and I can assure you than my skin is changed and feels more softly than before. 



At a vintage shop I found a suede purple waistcoat for € 2 ($ 2.6) but it looked so boring. Than I had some ideas to Pimp-up the waistcoat.


A new pair of...

SHOES !!! 

Of course what else? Sunday in Brussels .. Hmm either you can be lazy or you can go shopping. Nearby the north station, named : Rue de Brabant. This street is very known, especially because it's a neighborhood where the most foreigners (North-African) live in whole Brussels. You can tell by the shops and the Arabic music. But it's very nice to shop, for shoes and clothes items .. Let me say with others words: If you can search into the "rubbish" you'll find definitively something you'll like !
Also you can find beautiful and cheap fabrics for clothes ...


Tattoo design

Made By Me 
Now I have a reason to tell a little bit about me (how I am).
When I've something in my head. Doesn't matter which item or object it is "I NEED TO HAVE IT". The same reason why I started to sketch the design of my upcoming tattoo. But I don't put a tattoo just to have one, actually it is a statement of who I am and what I've achieved in life. Every tattoo I have (8) has a meaning. The one I sketched today is where I can find me today and describe (I hope) my future. But the design explains itself. 

It isn't finished yet but it's on his way.

Why did I sketch a  Dreamcatcher with the Ankh-sign in it?
I never thought I'd do something I like and where I can be myself and can go on for hours. Like creating, designing and live/love life!
The dreamcatcher was invited by the Indians. "Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day."
So I hope this will lead me to my goal what I've always dreamed for. (my secret).
And the Ankh-sign is kinda the same but from the Egyptians. I saw in my past and I compared myself like Pharaoh Nefertiti
When I was on holiday in Egypt I became fascinated of the history and since I knew the meaning of the Ankh (key of life), I thought "that's what I want and where I want to life for, eternal life".


Outfit on a day in Brussels

My Lovely friend came to visit me in Brussels and I was soooo searching for an outfit to wear and it's difficult to find if you'll open my closet :)
But I found it and decided to wear ::

A pink skirt which I bought in Rome with a t-shirt of 'Gun and Roses' (H&M), a jeans jacket (H&M) and a pair of white vintage boots.


At the Bowler Sessions III

As you see I took a picture in front of the mirror with my nickname dressed in vintage-streetstyle at a party The Bowler Sessions. Wearing an 80's shirt (vintage-shop Episode), an old sweater for men (Pierre Cardin € 5 at the vintage market) and not to forget a hat which I stole from a friend just to take the picture..

And here we have the Heart-it girl... (: Lovely glasses !

The hand made jewelry from the Alma-Raheem Collection (want to see more click here)

More pictures soon when I'll receive them :))