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Hi ! It's been a long time I wrote something. I thought about how to update my blog-style. I wrote about fashion, places in Brussels, food, music and beauty tips. But there was missing something. Could  it be more interesting when I write something about daily life, a kind of diary? Good question. I've been seeing that a lot of people get a peek at my blog, since I have it. I'm kinda proud of it. Never thought it would reach that far, but to be honest, I want more :)
So like I said. I'm changing it. Curious? Just read and see !

An another reason I've been away too long. I was figuring out what I wanted. Not always that easy.
Went to a festival where I felt my wings! Rock Werchter 2012.
Rock Werchter is an international Festival. This year I saw, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beirut, Dj Fresh, Nnenka, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Jack White, Florence & the Machine, the XX, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, The Editors, Elbow, Mac Miller, Netsky, Katy, Daisy & Lewis, The Kooks, and so !! I know, a lot, 4 DAYS non-stop! Just AMAZING!! And that once a year? This was my third time and still loving, enjoying it!
I had an amazing time. Free. Music. Laughter. Fun. Friends. Who doesn't feels "Great" when the whole combination of happiness hangs together! Short: I lived.

And than, another part started. Work. Life. Holiday. Life goes on.

Busy all the time! But I wont lie, it was ok. (:
Than the most wonderful holiday arrived.
I went to France, the south. Perpignan. I advice, TO GO!!!!
Sooooo beautiful and peaceful. The citizens are friendly and homely! I didn't want to go back home.

Let me guess.. After seeing those pictures, you all want to go, isn't? Sun. Beach. Family. Food. Haha. But ok, that was after all the good life! :) You must have money to live all day the same way, without working. I wouldn't mind at all, to go live over there and to work. Everything is possible. Dreams can come true. Never give up!

( : This is just the beginning of a new blog-style? Haha! Excited .. I keep you up-to- date ! Hope you will like it.
I wish you all a good night. I worked today, wasn't that sunny at all like Perpignan (: hihi
Big B-Fly Kiss! Sweet dreams. x.

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