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In the rhythm of night.

Music ! I already can hear the birds sing when I think about music.

Music these days is an important part of our life circumstances. Now-a-days we can't live without music. Wouldn't life be bored without? And also what would life be without any rhythm or any sound of a guitar? People wouldn't have the possibility to relax or to dance. It would be very quite and every other word what comes up in your mind while thinking how it would be! 

Yesterday I saw a documentary of Blur on the Belgian TV, Canvas. The documentary, reunion of Blur - "No Distance Left To Run" was very interesting. 
For the ones who don't know who Blur is (I doubt it). But here you go. 

Blur is an English alternative Rock band. First started in London in 1988 as Seymour. The group consist of singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Conox, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree. They are a following stylistic change by English pop groups such as The Beatles and XTC. The band was similar or aided by a chart battle with the band Oasis in 1995. It was known as the "The Battle of Britpop". Blur is known for their singles as; Beetlebum, Country house, song 2, Coffee and TV, Tender and Boys & Girls. If you don't know the songs, LISTEN it!!!

"No Distance Left To Run" was a touching documentary. It is for me where I grew up with, like our parents grew up with The Rolling Stones - Queen - Jimi Hendrix, ..... It was for me to know where a band/group came from and how they survived the "being famous" part with each other. Following the band during their 2009 reunion and tour. The film also includes unseen archive footage and interviews. And some snap shots of their gigs in the London Hyde Park and Clastonbury Festival (which gave me the shivers). 
I advice to see the film! It's a absolutely a must if you are a music lover.

I really like Blur's music, that's why I wanted to share the latest album with you! While you are blogging, you can listen to Blur.


Boys and shopaholic fever?

Dear bloggers!!
I want to share something you can pass on to your lovers or friends! It's Brand new and actually it's some great news for the boys between us. I know most girls are bloggers. But look on the positive way, you can dress your boyfriend! Don't you want that all ? Lol (:

I went to visit a new store, situated in Brussels, Elsense/Ixelles. A nice one, very proper, easy to see and to find what you want to have and well organised. How to describe the clothing style? Vintage-oldschool-casual-newschool. I think (from a girls view) I love the clothes I saw and if I was a boy and shopaholic, I know where to go and shop! So don't hesitate and people all over the world, check out this new store:  


Vintage Whitney Houston makeup + vintage Madonna styling + Salt N Pepa dance moves