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Shoes shoes ! Only yours !

Tired of your old (out-of-fashion)-shoes. Well Good news fashionista's !! Get a look and most of all BE CREATIVE, something I love to be and to do! Get your mind on a spin and think about your favorite color or which model was your favorite shoe once ? Go to a hobby shop and buy pencils, tape and paint!! Also you can glue spikes, hearts !! Just do what comes up in to your mind and start changing your closet. Make a whole new outfit/closet full of clothes or shoes, without spending a lot of money my dears!
And the greatest of all. Nobody can impersonate you, because you did it yourself. Not a pair you can find in the shop. No ! Only you are wearing it. So again.

Be creative, Be stylish, Be yourself!

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  1. a great idea...
    Würde mich freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schaust...