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Decoration by inspiration!

I was so bored yesterday. I decided to do something with my work that I am "finishing" a long time now! But came up to other ideas as well. 
My wall was so "grey" that I made a wall-collage with souvenirs. Places I've been too. Child pictures. Museum tickets. Notes. Sketches. Hairpins. Money from other countries.
So from now on, everything that I've been done, comes on my wall! I don't need to re-paint it, or decorate with flowers etc etc .. But by my own stuff!

The same thing I did with a case. First you could see what was in the inside. For me it is all messy and I don't like to if visitors can see whats in it! ... But I solved it!
I took some carton that I've received as wrapping, took the size and cut it to frame the case.

Last but not least. I re-cover a seat which I found on the streets next to the garbage. It was only damaged, and still in touch to make something of it! So I took it with me and restyled the seat with a pillowcase, needle and thread. 


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