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I love the way you Create

I had a wonderful unforgettable day ! Discovered my new store .. DECORATION!!! Finally got some new stuff to create my clothes and decoration stuff for my lil studio!! Can't get enough .. I wanted to buy everything I saw!!! Colorful. Amazing. Creative. Fun. Stickers. Flowers. Tape. Paper. Wood. Bottoms.  etc etc..

I felt in heaven and now I can finally continue to do what I love doing!

Bottoms everywhere. Every color every shape! Which designer wouldn't go crazy by seeing this? 

My friend and I went Crazy. Feeling like little children in a toy store or in Paradise.. It was a great feeling to discover anything you like and especially when you let your inspiration flow by seeing all this beautiful creative stuff.
What you see over here are some examples you that is already made in wood and you glue some very thin special paper to make it your own style or taste, motives, colors, stripes, flowers, cubes.. EVERYTHING!! Just use your inspiration and start to create!


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