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Friday night.. Didn't know what to do. Being bored and than you call that friend .. Your best Friend. "Let's go".
We decided to dress kinda the same, with lace-fabric.
Is it going to be 'Bohemian' 'Gypsy' 'Rock' 'Sweet' - Style. You can it already imagine : Hat - smokey eyes - Adorable cool. And you know if you're together with you Best Friend(s) it's just FUN! While doing the make-up, dance around music, being just A GIRL. But while all doing the clothes-makeup-shoes-hair and nails thing, you just realize how happy you are with the smiling! The Key moments in life of happiness! Sharing thoughts about everything from small too big subjects. Every single one of us needs it, times a time, to forget others things and do only what makes you happy.
After reached the finish . Hair-makeup-nails-clothes done.

Look of the day or should I say look of the night in Brussels !
My friend is wearing a nice lace dress with lovely boots.
Dress (Zara Summer 2012) - Scarf (brown satin fabric that I took from an other dress)   

Bandeau Bershka (Collection 2012)

Boots (Pimkie 2011)

This Is me. You can see that we are dressed up in the same style, the only different items are boots and dress/pants.
Transparent shirt (Zara Summer collection 2009) - Jeans (Bershka) - Boots (Killah Babe autumn/winter 2010 - 2011)

But clothes is not everything . Still the finishing touch is missing! Accessories!

Nailpolish (Catrice, Rasberry)

We are ready to go on the streets all dressed up, while having a great night. 

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