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Another day

Ouuuf!! Today was JOB interview day.. (nothing to do with my creations) But I'm patient to achieve My Dream. Who isn't?
Then I went a lil bit shopping to for myself. I did a quick stop at "Urban Outfitters". It was the first time I went into this shop in Brussels and I loved it directly !! Felled in love with all the clothes they have in there.. I tried a beautiful outfit but I didn't bought it.. If I'd buy everything I see, I'd be very poor by now ! And I think that's not what I want. Maybe I'll get it afterwords when I saved a little bit more.. In change of my vintage addict I can do it once or more!

 I bought myself a little hanger with the letter "K" .. A tiny thing not that expensive and I can do many things with it. Wear it like a bracelet or on my ankle. Possibilities enough for only € 6! I love it !! :)

By the way, a quick peek at my look of the day :

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