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Need to pack a gift ?

It's my friend's B-day and I bought some Vintage shoes for him. Too late to post a picture because it's already packed and don't want to destroy the beautiful-self-made-packing !
The vintage shop doesn't has packing, so I needed to find something original to put the shoes in. I took a carton I don't use. But it looked drab! Just the brown drab color .. Baaah! You can imagine what I mean.
Started by using a piece of a shirt which I teared up and I used it for the bow around the carton. It still looked bored and it needed color. Colors are missing and that's important! 
Where to find colors? Idea :: press-cuttings !!!
He's into vintage (like I am) and I searched for cuttings he might like! 

And the present is packed !!! You like?


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