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What's in my wardrobe?

Do you know when you have a friend over and all that sudden you are standing in front  of the wardrobe or mirror in the bathroom changing clothes .. All that girly stuff between the gossips  ! x. 
Check out some pieces ::

My friend Mae Ayyar Alma is wearing:- Vintage hat with a plait in leather (bought it at a vintage market)- A purle/pink Christian Dior vintage glasses with gold (vintage shop Brussels - Place de jeu balle)
- Leopard motive scarf in fur (Oxfam shop)
- Pink belt (New Look - in set of 2 colours)

I am wearing:- Bowler hat (H&M)- Vintage tie (Second hand Retro store) possible to wear in different ways (in the hair - bow instead of tie)- Nikon vintage photo camera- Pilot retro sunglasses (found it at the Festival Rock Werchter)- Strapless nude top (H&M)

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