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What to do on a Sunday? Cooking!

At work drinking Mojito
After in the 2 past days in the city of Brussels. With not much of sleep .. I would call this Sunday a very lazy day, but I LIKE IT! Always looking forward to have a Lazy Sunday like this! While realising a lot How Happy a person can be! Single or not! With or without worries! What makes you happy is to have a dream and going through life with that dream always in your mind, that makes you feel Happy! (That's my lil secret to happiness, sssttt).

Although I'm expecting my mom who's coming to visit me, I come from a small city Genk (Belgium) but since 5 years it was Only Me ... A lil girl like; busy, crazy, but independent; me living in the "Big City" Brussels-Belgium. 
And when my parents are coming I have to give something in return after an one hour trip! 
So I decided TO COOK

I like cooking, I can find peace in it and let all my inspiration flow!
And Greek food, here I come! (from daddy's side) so I've decided to cook "Gemista"(stuffed peppers).
Which is possible in vegetarian or with meat. Today I did it on the vegetarian way.

But for the inquisitive ones .. 
Find it out by preparing this delicious Greek grilled food !

Recipe (2 persons):
olive oil
2 red paprika's (red/green/yellow you choose!)
1/5 cup of rice
salt and pepper
caster sugar 
1 onion
1 garlic
1 tin tomato cubes
1 tin tomato purée
(150 gr mince meat)

How to prepare the stuffing?
1. Cut a half onion in small pieces, put some olive oil in the casserole. Add the half of the onion in the pan and cook it till you see it glassy. (Than you can add the mince and stir till you see it starts to gets its collor.) Add 1 teaspoon of oregano. After the minced meat or onions are cooked you add the 1/5 cup of rice with. Add water while stirring. The rise has to cook for 10-15 minutes, it depends which one you use. Than add a half tin of tomato purée in it.
If there's no water left in the pan, the rise is done, it has to be one mass !

2. Rince the peppers and cut the hat out. You need to keep the hat to close the peppers again. Spread the peppers with oil and a little bit oil in the saucer so it wont burn in the oven. Once cleaned, fill up with the rice. And put them in the oven at 170° for one hour.

How to make the sauce?
Oil in the casserole. Add the other onions and once they are glassy add the cube tomato sauce. Add some salt, pepper and oregano. Leave it in low heat 30 minutes. In mean time once and than stirring, add some sugar.

You can serve it with salad and bread.
Enjoy your meal peeps! 

My mom liked it.. A lot!! Was the first time I prepared it for her! I'm glad :o)
While I'm going to have a joyfull evening !  Give me some likes whatt you thought about this recipe ...
See you soon with something new!

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