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First day in China

Here I go... In China.

Sunday afternoon I left the lovely, charming Brussels for China where I'll be living for two months. Hangzhou, Yiwu. 
It wasn't that easy to say goodbye to my parents and friends. But I accepted with open arms my dream, my future, my passion, to work in the Fashion.
I'll be an intern as assistent Designer for Max Factor make-up and D-Dutch Fashion & accessoires.

The first moment when I realized that this isn't a dream no more, is when I arrived at the gate at the airport in Brussels, when I saw the plane and the Chinese people who were waiting too. 
The first stop was Beijing/Peking. A long flight of 9 hours. But it went good. I watch movies, had lunch 2 times, slept and red.

The jetlag begun, but as well the escale and changing the plane in a whole different world, people and habits! i had 1 hours to catch the plane. I run like a crazy European girl between the Chinese who doesnt speak a word English to help me out! I was sended out all ways, left and right and non of them was right, untill finaly someone could help me. Only 15min left to boarder and I needed to check in, give up my bagages! Sweating, running, I went crazy! But I was just 1 min on time to get on board and to get my flight to Hangzhou, where a driver of the company was waiting for me at the arrival terminal. 
The first culture shock was in the plane, the breakfast. I'm used to eat some bread or cereals with coffee in the morning.
Here I got rice with curry chicken! I thought is this the breakfast, which I asked to people who were sitting next to me for confirmation. They laughed with me because I said that I only eat bread. Crazy! 

From the air ! I took some nice shots, beautiful clouds and a parnorama of Hangzhou itself. 

Back on the ground.. A nice driver of the company, not speaking a word English, so I sat there with my Chinese/French dictionary.
Saw beautiful Chinese appartements and some "on the way" things. 

Once arrived at the company I got to meet my new collegues, a few of them. 
I got my first chinese home cookes lunch and when I got the key of my studio, I went up (studio of the company in the same building) and slept almost te whole afternoon. It looks a lil bit like the Ghetto were I'm staying but the Chinese people here are too kind to do something wrong, so far from till now. 
When I woke up, I was invited to go to a chinese local bbq restaurant. 
The food was delicious, and spicy! I really enjoyed the company I was with. They look cool to work with.
One girl from Paris, a boy from Amsterdam and the other girl was from Yiwu self. Tomorrow an other day and I will meet all of the new people I will work with. Think I'm excited again, I cant sleep. 

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