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Almost two years ago, I was in China for an internship. Created accessories, met interesting people, mostly Chinese ! Intelligent, an other way of living, happy with what they have and appreciating a lot with little things, comparing (as I may speak) with Western population.
Learned a lot, and grew up.
Only been in China for two months and it was, what I needed. Came back like a butterfly who left his cocoon. An open heart, and worries way behind. I got to know myself. New life, changes and love.
Studies in fashion design finished, taking the road which was distended to be, and glad I took it.
Living the live as an adult was difficult, but needed, I'm Happy !
Read on !!!

Anyway, this isn't my private diary.

To start again, this is one of my design developed and fabricated in China, choosing by Pimkie (clothing store) and I'm proud of it !

In mean time, Still had one more year to go in fashion design. Which was a lovely year. Creating a collection which was totally me ! 
The theme, chronicle depression, inspired in the symbolism of Jean Delville and the population of Portugal.
Take a look !

Not to forget designer and model :)

Got my diploma, succeed with success.. Oeef it was a hard year of work !! I did it !
And then, what to do next. Enjoying the holiday of course. And then.. thinking of the carriere I will take. What can I do, where will I go, and what do I want? All those questions, still looking for an answer.
In mean I felt in love with my best friend, whom I know now for 6 years almost. An other surprise. Didn't knew it could happen. Aint complaining!

I do work now in store, at COS in Brussels (alimentation and inspiration) and working as freelance Costume designer in Antwerp for events. Did create costumes for M.A.C cosmetics and new project coming up, costumes for Tomorrowland Brasil, US and Belgium! A lot of work, and I love it! It isn't work but a hobby !
I will start soon to create a new collection, excited to show you guys ! You'll love it. Not following the trends and moods whats going on in the BIG fashion world, it will be something special and I'm sure it will tasteful.

I will write too you again, with interesting stories and projects coming up. Be patient..
"It isn't finished yet"! 

Much love !

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