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Last weekend, was AMAZING! The first time ever, if I don't count my friends or playing clothing store when I was a little child "I was actually a real stylist" ^^

4 Years Bonnefooi VIP anniversary.  
What or where is Bonnefooi?
Bonnefooi is a Music café situated in the center of Brussels, which is very known by young and old people. You can go there to have a drink in the afternoon or even to party the night away. They have jam sessions, DJ's, Follie Follies (Burlesque acts) each month and concerts. If you want to know more take a look at

You are wondering now; A bar? What does a bar has to do with 'being a stylist'?
Because it was the anniversary of 4 years existing, they had great ideas to organize a super activity for the personnel who worked there and for those who are still employed.
The owner of the bar has contacted me with the question if I would be able to be their stylist for a photoshoot. My answer was clear and simple, YES! For the photoshoot they had a theme in mind, a very nice one. Vintage theme. Vintage is a large word, in this case it was in 20's-30's-40's-50's and 60's style.
When I met the owner of the café, it was official that my first real experience as a stylist could begin.
It was a big challenge to find the vintage clothes for 50 people (women and men) in 2 days. But I succeed. I found what they needed to make them all look beautiful and to give them the special vintage-look. The clothes I found at the biggest vintage market in Brussels (see earlier post "Someone had it before you"). I looked around, sniffed between the clothes. It was hard to be honest, especially for men. Women is easy, because I'm used to it. Men, was something else. I suffered, I was sweating, but I liked it and had a lot of fun.
I found different ties, hats, shirts, cardigans, glasses, skirts, dresses and fur scarves. Not forget to mention. It wasn't expensive at all !!! And some of the clothes I kept for myself. Of course, who wouldn't? (:
"The Day", I arrived at Bonnefooi, I received a little space where I could start preparing the dressing. First I arranged everything properly, decorated a bit and waited until the first one arrived. There was also a little corner for the make-up artists, where they did the finishing vintage touch in make-up and hair! By arrival, the people were already enthusiastic to start with the make-over, and as for me, I was so nervous, because I didn't know what to expect. I told myself to calm down and that everything will be just fine and it was. The make-over was done and the photoshoot could start. After the shoot we all stayed to celebrate the Birthday of Bonnefooi and continued the evening with partying and dancing.

It was a moment, the first experience, in my lifetime I wont never ever forget. It was great, it was overwhelming and with this experience I can grow further and make my dream come true one day, someday, soon. That day will be when I have my diploma as fashion designer in my hands. So two more years to go!
I'm really thankful that Bonnefooi gave me this opportunity to do something with my passion and of course I thank everyone for sharing this wonderful experience.
But enough told, let's go and take a look at some pictures.

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