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Not a Girl. A Woman.

Paris! La ville d'amour.

"A girl from Paris isn't fashion, she is Fashion"

Once in time, 25 years ago I was born. 
If I look back how I lived my life, what I did, how I grew up, what I've learned and how I became a woman, I only can say "I live my life right to be where I am now".
To celebrate my 25 birthday I went to Paris for a weekend, where I had the time of my life with my beloved and precious friends.
We all know Paris is a city of photography, fashion and with his charm, of course a city of love. Not that I've a lover over there, it's just that I felt in love with Paris.

Day one

Friday night the 26th of October me and my friend arrived in Paris, we stayed in a cheap hostel (Hotel des Andelys) in the neighborhood La republique/Le Bastille. A lot of that typical french bars with a lot of young people, I'd call it, a district of students.
As for the hostel was good, if it's only to sleep. But that was the point actually because we weren't there to stay in the hostel whole day. We were tourists.
The first night we went clubbing in a club called Millionaire. It was fun and we stayed partying for my 25th birthday till the early morning.

Saturday morning (with 1 hour of sleep) I went to look for my third friend who arrived by train. I took for the first time ever the metro all by myself. I felt like a Parisienne. What a lovely feeling! 
When my friend has arrived we dropped her stuff in the hostel and it was time to discover Paris.
Our first stop was Madeleine, a famous church and a great example of the neoclassicism, we walked direction Place de la Concorde where we passed a lot of beautiful shops like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Pimko, Cartier, Versace, .... All the couture you can imagine! If you have money and if you are rich be my guest to walk in and buy everything you want. As for us, it was only window shopping but that was fun too.
We walked through the big Garden, Jardin des Tuileries, which leaded us at Le Louvre (the famous pyramid museum of history). If we had enough time we would enter, but I've seen Le Louvre once. So we decided to see Musée d'Orsay. There was an exposition going on about the Impressionism and Fashion what I really wanted to see and it was worth it. Fashion was up in our mind so the next stop was the famous La Fayette! La Fayette is heaven where all the Couture brands are together in one building! Shoe paradise, clothing, make-up and so on so on... Nice to see, expensive to buy.
Then came a moment we were getting tired, and we went back to dress up to go out for dinner.
We went to Quartier Latin. It's a little city where you can find a lot of restaurants together with menu's from different country's. We ate delicious Greek food. But therefore we saw the 'not-to-forget' le Notre Dame.
The first day was already a success to celebrate!!

Day two

We woke up early to go see Tour Eiffel. First we had a lovely breakfast in a typical french café. 
The moment of my lifetime has come, we were ready to go to the top of the Tour Eiffel. What a view!!!! How high !!!! I was getting emotional of happiness that for the first time I was on the top of the world and I saw an amazing view of whole Paris! It was the most amazing experience I ever did in my lifetime. And of course to celebrate we drunk Champagne at the top while we had a perfect view in front of us.
Once back down on earth we had hungry and we ate a typical french crêpe Nutella (crêpe = pancake). If you are in Paris, that is just something you have to eat or at least to taste!
Our next stop was George Pompidou. We didn't have a lot of time left so unfortunately we didn't enter the museum. The things I couldn't do the weekend, it's already noted for the next visit. But the more important monument or church we wanted to see was the district Montmartre where the famous church Sacré-Coeur is situated. If you've seen the movie 'Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain' you'll recognize it. I love this district, it gets me relaxed and it's so beautiful.
Behind Sacré-Coeur is a little place where you have charming french restaurants and a lot of painters. How French is that? To end my lovely birthday weekend we ate in one of those restaurants. 

As you can read and see I had a wonderful weekend in Paris. Thanks to my friends who came with me for my birthday! You only get the age of 25 once and I wanted to make it special.
For the last time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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