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At a vintage shop I found a suede purple waistcoat for € 2 ($ 2.6) but it looked so boring. Than I had some ideas to Pimp-up the waistcoat.

While I was walking to my friend's house nearby the vintage market, I found this cloth on the floor after the market was done (how can someone just leave it??) It's really a nice piece of fabric.

When I took it I knew already what I should do with it. Brainstorming was started !
Back home I started to create/pimp-up the waistcoat.. Thinking where I'd sew the fabric. Which part of the coat or fabric can I use.. Thinking. Thinking. Cutting. Cutting. Sewing. Sewing.
Is it beautiful? Should someone try it on if they'll see it in a shop? All those questions and still now I've those question running in my head.. But better give it a try than leave it of what it is.

After the fabric it still looked a little boring. But too much print is also overwhelming. So there I was again. Thinking of what I should do or change. Than I looked into my jewelry box to see if there was something I don't use anymore. And yes I had:

But I only used 2 of the pearls from the chain and 1 key from the bracelet. Just to have a that little thing that makes the waistcoat looks different than without.

So here is the result. Hope you like it!

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