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Colours . Nude . Bananas.

What a lovely new collection for Spring-Summer 2012 in the stores! From colorful to nude. Don't know where to look. You can find it back in clothes, shoes, bags, accessory. In Everything!
Take a look at my favo things I saw today. What do you think?! x.

The colorful clutch is so beautiful .. The colors are bright! Available at H&M ! It's my favorite one of the other colors. Do you like it as much as I do?

Yellow with black dots (print-alert), orange skirt and black high heels. Colors with a simple combination. Always looks beautiful, from girly-like to Rock-chick, it's possible! 

For the not-rich-ones between us! I found today some nice pair of classy-sexy Mui Mui or Louboutin-like high heels for only € 25!!! Check out Ladies .. You'll love it!

When we have colors, we have prints! 
The prints can start from flowers to dots or even some crazy child-a-like sweaters! Look what's new and where we can still feel
"Like a woman".

Flowers and fruit prints everywhere. Even used as socks and accessory!
Do you like this new collection from Asos and Forever 21?

TIP: take a look at the vintage or second hand stores! You'll found with no doubt some nice clothes, sometimes even more beautiful and unique than in the big concept stores. Next time I'll take you there with tips and tricks to be in the trend of the moment, but in the (my favorite) Vintage Style!

Fashion week Paris the Spring-Summer 2012 collection, Louis Vuitton and Cloé showed their Romantic touch collection.
Dainty white dresses with borders in café-au-lait brown colour and grass green, for the real spring-effect. The collection on the catwalk with a lot of bright colors, flower prints and feminine in detail hemlines. But also this time we can see the boyish elements in the collection like wide shorts and pants!


See pictures of the collection next page::
I would say ! Let the Spring begin!!!!!!

Paris FW 2012 - Cloé

Paris FW 2012 - Louis Vuitton

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