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Boys and shopaholic fever?

Dear bloggers!!
I want to share something you can pass on to your lovers or friends! It's Brand new and actually it's some great news for the boys between us. I know most girls are bloggers. But look on the positive way, you can dress your boyfriend! Don't you want that all ? Lol (:

I went to visit a new store, situated in Brussels, Elsense/Ixelles. A nice one, very proper, easy to see and to find what you want to have and well organised. How to describe the clothing style? Vintage-oldschool-casual-newschool. I think (from a girls view) I love the clothes I saw and if I was a boy and shopaholic, I know where to go and shop! So don't hesitate and people all over the world, check out this new store:  

Farah Vintage 
In the store Le Dressing.:

In the store

Pull Suit, BWGH fall/winter 2012, Warior footwear.... I can go on and on to tell a lot more. But it's for you to go there and check out the clothing!! 
Pass on the good news and take a look at the facebook page by clicking Le Dressing.


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