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Sun and Relax

On a sunny day in Brussels I love to enjoy the calmness and the sound of nature. So I went to the parc next to my place. The smell of grass and ‘fish’ water while getting tanned, that’s always a pleasure.

 Just to relax and on the background Clodplay and The Temper Trap music. I get annoyed if I’m inside when it’s  a beautiful weather which we don’t get often in Belgium. It has just started and we are already the end of Mai. I hope this stays for a while. But the only thing is that if it’s sunny and warm, it’s a little bit airless because of all the buildings in the city and not a lot a wind. Luckly where I’m  sitting now, because of the lake, there’s wind and the temperature is just fine. It’s also funny when I’m staring around to see what’s going on, people are laying in the grass, some with a bikini, the other one is stuying for an exam or they are in a group having a picnic and smoking (may I say this word?) a joint. 

Than all that sudden I saw a turtle, which is rare to see in this lake, taking some breathe or sun. My opinion is that someone just dropped the turtle in it, but still! I was too late to take a picture of it. So I’m looking around to see if there’s a little change to see him again, although I think it’s too late now. Hope next time. And than I see 2 fish coming up, almost out of the water, fighting with each other. They were way too fast as well to record them fighting. Anyway, to get to the conclusion. I STILL LOVE BRUSSELS and all the things that are happening around me.

Today I decided to wear a maxi dress with egyptian look-a-like slippers. The dress I bought two summers ago at Pull and bears and the slippers are from a second hand store. The sunglasses I’m wearing I bought in Valencia, Spain during a citytrip visiting a friend who’s studying there.

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