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Tattoo design

Made By Me 
Now I have a reason to tell a little bit about me (how I am).
When I've something in my head. Doesn't matter which item or object it is "I NEED TO HAVE IT". The same reason why I started to sketch the design of my upcoming tattoo. But I don't put a tattoo just to have one, actually it is a statement of who I am and what I've achieved in life. Every tattoo I have (8) has a meaning. The one I sketched today is where I can find me today and describe (I hope) my future. But the design explains itself. 

It isn't finished yet but it's on his way.

Why did I sketch a  Dreamcatcher with the Ankh-sign in it?
I never thought I'd do something I like and where I can be myself and can go on for hours. Like creating, designing and live/love life!
The dreamcatcher was invited by the Indians. "Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day."
So I hope this will lead me to my goal what I've always dreamed for. (my secret).
And the Ankh-sign is kinda the same but from the Egyptians. I saw in my past and I compared myself like Pharaoh Nefertiti
When I was on holiday in Egypt I became fascinated of the history and since I knew the meaning of the Ankh (key of life), I thought "that's what I want and where I want to life for, eternal life".

This is the reason why I want to have this tattoo. I've already a tree. And you must see the tree grows further to under with still the blossoms on it. But on his way, on a branch, a dreamcather with an ankh shows up.. Waiting for the dream to achieve while the tree grows further... (:

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