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Nails nails and color it !!

When I was shopping in the H&M I never thought that I would find the "Matte top nail polish" .. Since I've bought it I've been addicted to it. I put it on every nail polish color I have to have the finishing touch. I've seen many pictures of the black mat color.. So I tried it also.
You can find it in the H&M for a budget buy only for € 2.95. BUT !! Before you put the "Matte top coat" on you have to put first the nail polish you want and for the finishing touch the matte. After a several seconds you can see the different. Enjoy your Me-Time!!


While I'm trying to write this post .. In my head this song

Anyway what I want to post is a Beauty tip. Self made with kitchen ingredients: HONEY and COFFEE GRIT.
Looks strange but it helps amazing. A soft hydrated antitoxin skin.
To be honest I saw this ingredient on the Dr. Oz show and because it's budget friendly (less than € 1/$ 1) why not trying!? . 
How to make this Beauty-Mask? 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of coffee grit. Blend it together and when it's all smoothly put it on your face for 20 minutes (2x a week).
I tried it already and I can assure you than my skin is changed and feels more softly than before. 



At a vintage shop I found a suede purple waistcoat for € 2 ($ 2.6) but it looked so boring. Than I had some ideas to Pimp-up the waistcoat.


A new pair of...

SHOES !!! 

Of course what else? Sunday in Brussels .. Hmm either you can be lazy or you can go shopping. Nearby the north station, named : Rue de Brabant. This street is very known, especially because it's a neighborhood where the most foreigners (North-African) live in whole Brussels. You can tell by the shops and the Arabic music. But it's very nice to shop, for shoes and clothes items .. Let me say with others words: If you can search into the "rubbish" you'll find definitively something you'll like !
Also you can find beautiful and cheap fabrics for clothes ...


Tattoo design

Made By Me 
Now I have a reason to tell a little bit about me (how I am).
When I've something in my head. Doesn't matter which item or object it is "I NEED TO HAVE IT". The same reason why I started to sketch the design of my upcoming tattoo. But I don't put a tattoo just to have one, actually it is a statement of who I am and what I've achieved in life. Every tattoo I have (8) has a meaning. The one I sketched today is where I can find me today and describe (I hope) my future. But the design explains itself. 

It isn't finished yet but it's on his way.

Why did I sketch a  Dreamcatcher with the Ankh-sign in it?
I never thought I'd do something I like and where I can be myself and can go on for hours. Like creating, designing and live/love life!
The dreamcatcher was invited by the Indians. "Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day."
So I hope this will lead me to my goal what I've always dreamed for. (my secret).
And the Ankh-sign is kinda the same but from the Egyptians. I saw in my past and I compared myself like Pharaoh Nefertiti
When I was on holiday in Egypt I became fascinated of the history and since I knew the meaning of the Ankh (key of life), I thought "that's what I want and where I want to life for, eternal life".


Outfit on a day in Brussels

My Lovely friend came to visit me in Brussels and I was soooo searching for an outfit to wear and it's difficult to find if you'll open my closet :)
But I found it and decided to wear ::

A pink skirt which I bought in Rome with a t-shirt of 'Gun and Roses' (H&M), a jeans jacket (H&M) and a pair of white vintage boots.


At the Bowler Sessions III

As you see I took a picture in front of the mirror with my nickname dressed in vintage-streetstyle at a party The Bowler Sessions. Wearing an 80's shirt (vintage-shop Episode), an old sweater for men (Pierre Cardin € 5 at the vintage market) and not to forget a hat which I stole from a friend just to take the picture..

And here we have the Heart-it girl... (: Lovely glasses !

The hand made jewelry from the Alma-Raheem Collection (want to see more click here)

More pictures soon when I'll receive them :))


Need to pack a gift ?

It's my friend's B-day and I bought some Vintage shoes for him. Too late to post a picture because it's already packed and don't want to destroy the beautiful-self-made-packing !
The vintage shop doesn't has packing, so I needed to find something original to put the shoes in. I took a carton I don't use. But it looked drab! Just the brown drab color .. Baaah! You can imagine what I mean.
Started by using a piece of a shirt which I teared up and I used it for the bow around the carton. It still looked bored and it needed color. Colors are missing and that's important! 
Where to find colors? Idea :: press-cuttings !!!
He's into vintage (like I am) and I searched for cuttings he might like! 

And the present is packed !!! You like?