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Stripes & Gold

It was just Wonderful day! Even I had/received some bad news.. But "Hey, it's still goes on".. 
Look what I've got today!! A Bargain? Yes !!! I bought this Amazing shirt on Facebook! Yupp.. Saying it right:: There's a page/group on facebook where you can sell or buy clothes, called "vide dressing". How cool is that! Think the expensive one, is a bag of Miu Miu, only for 200 € ( $180). And I bought this one for 8 € ($6), VINTAGE!!

Silk and Golden bottoms.
What you think?

I wore it (fast fast) with a bleach blue Diesel jeans. 


Alma Raheem Collection

It is so far.. My friend launched her hand made jewelry collection!

This neck less and bracelet are still my two favorites. (Saw them before you) hihi..

This one you wear before and on your back . Very beautiful for a night out and a open-back-dress!

If you are interested in more.. Like this Alma Raheem-page and stay updated of her Hand Made Creations!

A bow

My hairstyle for today with a vintage scarf! 
Do you like it?

Still looking for an outfit.. Don't know what to wear.. Standing in front of the closet.. Looking and looking! Think it will be something black with a lot of colorful accessory's included the scarf ..
Later this day I'll show you what it is! 


Falling star

Colours . Nude . Bananas.

What a lovely new collection for Spring-Summer 2012 in the stores! From colorful to nude. Don't know where to look. You can find it back in clothes, shoes, bags, accessory. In Everything!
Take a look at my favo things I saw today. What do you think?! x.

The colorful clutch is so beautiful .. The colors are bright! Available at H&M ! It's my favorite one of the other colors. Do you like it as much as I do?

Yellow with black dots (print-alert), orange skirt and black high heels. Colors with a simple combination. Always looks beautiful, from girly-like to Rock-chick, it's possible! 

For the not-rich-ones between us! I found today some nice pair of classy-sexy Mui Mui or Louboutin-like high heels for only € 25!!! Check out Ladies .. You'll love it!

When we have colors, we have prints! 
The prints can start from flowers to dots or even some crazy child-a-like sweaters! Look what's new and where we can still feel
"Like a woman".

Flowers and fruit prints everywhere. Even used as socks and accessory!
Do you like this new collection from Asos and Forever 21?

TIP: take a look at the vintage or second hand stores! You'll found with no doubt some nice clothes, sometimes even more beautiful and unique than in the big concept stores. Next time I'll take you there with tips and tricks to be in the trend of the moment, but in the (my favorite) Vintage Style!

Fashion week Paris the Spring-Summer 2012 collection, Louis Vuitton and Cloé showed their Romantic touch collection.
Dainty white dresses with borders in café-au-lait brown colour and grass green, for the real spring-effect. The collection on the catwalk with a lot of bright colors, flower prints and feminine in detail hemlines. But also this time we can see the boyish elements in the collection like wide shorts and pants!


See pictures of the collection next page::
I would say ! Let the Spring begin!!!!!!

City Look of the Day

Today a new day! To see some daylight, although outside is typical Belgian weather.. 
Anyway Let's go to the city and do some updates "What's new!?"

The morning started with a Starbucks Coffee  !

This is my City-outfit for today!  


Always been one of my favorite songs! I'm feeling this way right now. Only the Boy doesn't know yet and It's been like this since a few months ! Smh..

Barbie Lovers

When most people are waking up in the morning, preparing to go to work, taking their braekfast. I decided to rest. But instead I felt asleep and woke up at midnight!
During the night I was so busy in the lay-out of this Blog.. And Finaly .. I found it! 

That moment I went through the website and what I saw there!... 9 000 square foot Barbie's Dream Closet!! Which girl doesn't want one like that? It's every girls dream. Although it's mine! Barbie's dream closet. 

The following video is how to live in a Malibu Barbie house.. Furniture's in Barbie-style. Is it too much? I don't know. For me it would be, but for the Real Barbie fans. I would say, they'll like!


What's in my wardrobe?

Do you know when you have a friend over and all that sudden you are standing in front  of the wardrobe or mirror in the bathroom changing clothes .. All that girly stuff between the gossips  ! x. 
Check out some pieces ::


What to do on a Sunday? Cooking!

At work drinking Mojito
After in the 2 past days in the city of Brussels. With not much of sleep .. I would call this Sunday a very lazy day, but I LIKE IT! Always looking forward to have a Lazy Sunday like this! While realising a lot How Happy a person can be! Single or not! With or without worries! What makes you happy is to have a dream and going through life with that dream always in your mind, that makes you feel Happy! (That's my lil secret to happiness, sssttt).

Although I'm expecting my mom who's coming to visit me, I come from a small city Genk (Belgium) but since 5 years it was Only Me ... A lil girl like; busy, crazy, but independent; me living in the "Big City" Brussels-Belgium. 
And when my parents are coming I have to give something in return after an one hour trip! 
So I decided TO COOK

New in town!

Fun! Crazy! Chic! Happy!

Let's have a wonderfull time together! Fashion? Design? Art? Music?
I'll share you my passion. Some clothing tips with accessories .. All kind all styles! My creations and ideas! That we sometimes compare with food .. Some recipes from my inspirations or new in town! 
Let's not forget the decoration! 
Enjoy my blog and keep following :o)